Celestial bodies

reconnecting-the-female-body-with-nature-in-celestial-bodies-body-image-1453484868.jpgReconnecting the body with nature has been a goal for some in the past few years. The rise of sustainable ways of living our lives has shifted the dynamics of our reality in many different ways.

Whilst reading i-D magazine today, a particular article resonated within me. Two sisters, Eleanor and Rachel Hardwick teaming up with Chrissie White, who they have met on the internet and cultivated an artistic relationship of mutual respect, have collaborated to deliver a beautiful photo book ‘Celestial Bodies’, which chronicles their travels across the West of the USA and explores the connections between the female body and the nature.

Here is the paragraph of the article that explains it all:

How do you think the female body relates to nature, and how did you explore this through the images and text in your book?
Elle: In a Carl Sagan sense, we’re literally made of carbon that is the result of stars from billions of years ago. Secondly, I do believe that our moods and patterns are closely linked to the moon (particularly as women) – even if that’s somewhat subjective – we are still undeniably reliant on the cycles of our planets to time our lives, to give us the vitamin D to keep us happy, whatever. But also, I think that when you strip back elements that define an era in a photograph, landscapes and the nude body feel so timeless; both almost evolve at the same rate, and I do think that’s a deep connection. Before we went on this trip, we were all were feeling that we needed a break from modern life, and we all came back feeling so inspired. I think people underestimate the power of the planet we live on and how it affects our sanity.

Excerpt taken from i-D Magazine.


There is an undeniable connection between Man and The Earth he inhabits. Our world’s obsession with fastness and materialism has taken us away from our true home and our true self. We are from the Earth and to the earth we will return. Our body can survive from the Earth alone and can live through it. It inspires us and regiments our lives without us even knowing it.

And yet, we take advantage of it, we rip it apart and soil it with the pesticides we use, the food we eat, the water we misuse, the oil we drill for, the mountains we frack and the clothes we overproduce.

Celestial Bodies launches at Moth Club, Hackney on Wednesday 27 January 2016. Live performances from Eleanor’s band Moonbow and Yaya Bones, DJ sets from Flamingods and Warrior Princess, and a film screening of a new short film made by Eleanor during the trip.

Books will be available on a first-come-first-served basis. Entry to the event is free.



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