Paris Jour 1 – Dries Van Noten AW16/17

▽ A mockery of drama and opulence

There is something about this collection that makes me uneasy – most probably because of the colours that were chosen and that really creepy make-up, but which also makes me want to look at it in more detail. It gives off a sense of degrading royalty, like someone holding on to a world that is slowly disappearing. It has a bit of a punk feel, a feeling of mockery towards the higher society while still looking like a million bucks. It is beautiful and yet shocking, opulent but distressed, and it perfectly embodies the world we live in today.

“Leopard print, rich velvet and decorative pearls were repeated themes, matched with Prince of Wales check and sporting blazers for day, then ramped up with sequins and ornate jacquards for night” (, 2016).

▽ The muse

Marchesa Casati Stampa di Soncino (1881 – 1957): Celebrity and femme fatale, her eccentricities dominated and delighted European society for nearly three decades. The beautiful and extravagant hostess to the Ballets Russes was something of a legend among her contemporaries. She astonished society by parading with a pair of leashed cheetahs and wearing live snakes as jewellery.


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