Paris Jour 2 – Balmain AW16/17

Photos by Kevin Tachman for Balmain

Photos by Kevin Tachman for Balmain

▽ The Kardashians take over

So, maybe this is where I start by telling you all that the Kardashians are possibly my least favourite people on this planet. I firmly believe that they are more a waste of oxygen than fashion icons, and the fact that they are so popular kind of makes me lose faith in humanity. I realise that a lot of you might not like my point of view about them, but it’s still better to be honest, me thinks.

So now we can get back to Balmain. Olivier Rousteing has been HASHTAG OMG BBFS with the Kardashians for quite a while now, and it annoys me so much. I mean, Balmain is an institution that embodies strong women and classy women, and now it just uses the Kardashians (seriously, of all people) to be the main image of the brand, and it baffles me!

There has been a shift in the way fashion is portrayed and offered to the public, and now it is all about the sales, and guess what? Social media is now a currency, which makes the Kardashians all powerful and this idea of them popping up at all massive events is becoming so passé. Olivier Rousteing looks like he is pushing it a little by using them for maximum exposure, when Balmain is one of the big brands that anyone would already know! It baffles me really and I just find it quite tacky. I could understand that the brand wants to reach a wider, younger audience, but it’s starting to be a bit much.

Now that that is all done and dusted, let’s talk about the collection.

▽ Insta-popping glamour

As mentioned before, it was all about the marketing hype: Kendall, Gigi opened the show, followed byKarlie Kloss and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Lily Donaldson and Jourdan Dunn. Invites sported Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell. Also, The painted walls and ceilings and  chandeliers offered perfect lighting to ensure naps were super clear.

Balmain again asserted its position as the French house that delivers knock-out, attention-grabbing, Insta-popping glamour. No flesh was shown, but everything was pretty skin-tight to fit the rich and sexy customer that Rousteing is aiming for. Mini crinoline skirts, lavishly embellished fringed mini-dresses and striped bodysuits as well as suede fabrics, gold belts and shredded mink fur, did make up for one hell of a show!

“Ordinary this is not. Pursuit of perfection and delivering the old-school, high-voltage sex appeal of the supers is Rousteing’s game. And he delivered again” (, 2016).

▽ Inspiration

The royal court of Versaille: The kings of France lived surrounded by many members of the nobility, the courtiers. To attract the favours of the monarch, they were obliged to frequent the royal residences regularly and observe the strict rules of conduct. In return for constant availability, they were rewarded with royal pensions and financial gratifications, living quarters in the palace of Versailles and regular invitations to festivities and ceremonies.


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