Paris Jour 2 – Lanvin

▽ Post-Alber 

I’m going to share my little secret. I am mad for Lanvin. When Alber ElBaz left the brand I might as well have died (yes a tad dramatic, but honestly this year has been loss after loss!). I had obviously been apprehensive about this collection, and Chemena Kamali – the talented Chloé alumna who spent just a week with Elbaz before he left – has tried very hard to stay true to the departed designer, but a big deal of poise was missing. The bad fit and stiffness of the clothing really made it quite drab. The Elbaz touch has indeed been lost, and so has the essence of Lanvin which he undoubtedly made.

“The fit, however, looked off, and the fabrics stiff. Lanvin’s signature molten draping, so synonymous with its refined silhouette, was nowhere in evidence with lace and velvet dresses that appeared fusty and rigid. Gone, too, were festive poofs and witty silhouettes that made Lanvin under Elbaz so fun to wear.” (, 2016)



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