Paris Jour 3 – Christian Dior AW16/17

▽ Time

Dior’s set was elaborate as usual and as grand as the place where the show was taking place: the Musée du Louvre. The velvet and silver tunnels and mirrors gave a very futuristic feeling and yet a bizarre feeling reminiscent inside of the Notre Dame de Paris cathedral. The word “Time” was being sung repeatedly over the top the sound of the show, as if to bring the past and the future together, just like the design of the set did.

This was also referred to in the clothing. There were quite a bit of hinting to the house’s DNA in the mink coats and knitwear, the off the shoulder, mixed with a very “now” wow-factor of a mix of fabrics, and a shine to the pieces, that hint to the present as much as the future. This collection would make anyone swoon and I would be happy to buy pretty much all the looks from the collection for my own personal use (if only!). The crafting is impeccable, just like one would expect of the Maison, and the collection is very elegant.

I’m going to contain myself as I mention Kendall Jenner on the catwalk, but I think we have been through my opinion of the Kardashian family. 

“We may not know yet all that is going on inside the hallowed walls of this design house, but this considered collection had us eager to learn more” (, 2016)


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