Louboutin Hawaii Kawai Collection II


Inspired by Hawaii in the 1950s, Louboutin’s second collection for nails is looking as good as the first one. It perfectly capture the warmth of the weather and the sexiness of samba!

So how would one wear these gorgeous colours on the ends of our tan (or not if you’re stuck in the UK like me) fit (or not if you haven’t exercised in 2 months) limbs? There are two ways I would recommend:

1. Match fingernails and toes in one of the available colours to give that oompf of femininity.

2. If you are more of a minimalist“Make either hands or feet the focus,” says manicurist Marian Newman. I prefer the nude fingernails and coloured toes when you’re on vacation just because it’s so sexy and gives a free spirit ambiance to your look.

I cannot wait to get my hands on one of these boxed before my trip to Cyprus this summer!

Hawaii Kawai Collection II

The box contains:

  • Bengali – a high-impact hot pink often seen in India, and a colour that inspires Mr. Louboutin throughout his collections.
  • Khol – an intense, almost-black hue that is alive with drama and mystery.
  • Popi – a sophisticated orange-red inspired by one of Mr. Louboutin’s favorite flowers.

Images source  Bergdorf Goodman


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