Paris Jour 4 – Comme des Garçons Aw16/17

▽ Japanese Versailles

Comme des Garçons is edgy and everything they offer is more often than not unexpected. In this collection, I can see geishas wrapped in samurai armour made from scraps of Versaille’s sofa fabrics. I love it. There is no denying that the amount of work put into this collection is immense, and it explains why it is so mesmerising.

The mix of colour and patterns makes this interesting to even people who don’t really care about fashion (i.e. my brother, and guess what he thinks it’s “awesome”). It evokes a mashup of Japan and Marie Antoinette, and there is just no better two things for me personally. As I am lost for words, here is a quote to describe the collection:

“Here, armour became armadillo, with jutting breastplates, scales of fabric, silhouettes extended into stegosaurus spines. Make war, not love! The clothes were carapaces. I kept thinking of Kafka’s Metamorphosis. You could go to sleep one night and wake up as a warrior, whether you wanted to or not. Julien D’Ys provided the helmets for your first battle — Macaroni wigs twisted into Weeknd or Basquiat dos” (Business of Fashion, 2016).

Here is the full collection (Image credits:

▽ Inspiration

Aristo-punk: “Kawakubo’s vision of 18th century punk was more of the salon variety, like the sans culottes had torn the curtains from Versailles’ windows” (Business of Fashion, 2016).

Samurai armour

Versaille sofas


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