Paris Jour 5 – Givenchy AW16/17

▽ An Egyptian acid trip

Influenced strongly by street style and feeling overzealous with prints, Riccardo Tisci gives us a psychedelic collection and transports us to ancient civilisations. It is obvious that the Egyptian culture is the main inspiration for this collection, but I also keep thinking about is the Mayans transported into the 1970s, if that makes any sense. It’s a powerful, intimidating collection that somehow takes us on some kind of acid trip where you can fly with birds and big colourful insects in style in your own bomber jacket.

“Who […] can possibly imagine drummer boy jackets, edged in red with gold frogging and punctuated with brassy buttons, alongside Ziggy Stardust-style jackets and vests constructed from a patchwork of colourful metallic snakeskin, with some python, leopard and kaleidoscopic prints thrown in for good measure, and furthermore not make it look like a hot mess, but something absolutely covetable? His references were equally varied; Tisci tapped everything from the world of pop and psychedelic music to Egyptian culture” (,2016).

All images taken from

▽ Inspiration gallery


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