Paris, this is the end


▽ The shows we have all been waiting for

When it comes to Paris Fashion Week, I am an avid fan. It is my favourite fashion week, most probably because I started my studies in France. Milan Fashion Week is a close second because anything that’s ‘made in Italy’ just makes me swoon. But I digress.

My favourite time of PFW is the end, when all the classic designers show off their highly anticipated collections: Saint Laurent, Chanel, Valentino. These three designers embody everything that is right and pure in the fashion world and they have their history to prove it. Now before I start gushing over their work and heritage and bring you all to the brink of boredom (I’m sure it wouldn’t bore you, but I’ll leave that for another time), without further ado, I give you the shows we have all been waiting for.

▽ Expensive alternative rock at Saint Laurent

“The red lips, scraped back hair and sheer hosiery were there, giving the models a glossy polish rather than the underage high street look of previous shows, but the clothes were Slimane firing on full on Eighties glam. Leather jackets were embellished with silver stars or tailored in white with scrawled graffiti. A cropped smoking topped off a skintight sequin catsuit” (

▽ Chanel roots brought into the 21st Century

“It gave the feeling of a couture salon and was entirely in the manner that Mademoiselle Chanel would have presented her new season clothes in her atelier during the Fifties. […] And yet, Lagerfeld likes nothing more than to tap into a 21st-century youth market; pin-up Pharrell Williams sat front row in a frosted tweed Chanel jacket – although surely what he had his eye on here, from this morning’s line-up, was the box-fresh white sweatshirt that fastened at the back with chunky gold Chanel buttons” (

▽ Russian ballerinas at Valentino

Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli were seduced by dance this season, from the Russian Ballets to the New York City Ballet. They also cited dance films such as They Shoot Horses Don’t They? starring Jane Fonda. The unravelling of which made for a standout show that grew with unabashed romance with every exit” (

This collection is EVERYTHING!

No no, but like, I mean just look at this dress again, please.

It’s like a rainbow in a fabric on a ballerina which obviously means perfection!!

Illustration: @hnicholsillustration / Snapchat: ‘Last day in Paris’ live feed / All other images source:


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