Rose Gold

Photo on 05-03-2016 at 11.23.jpg

▽ A single golden rose can be my garden

My obsession with rose gold has yet to become a thing of the past. I find that I have been through phases throughout my life, going from silver when I was a teenager, to yellow gold as I stepped into my twenties, but now all I want is to be bask in a sea of rose gold jewels, to dip my nails in a rose gold magic potion and to walk in a field of golden roses (oh yes I went there).

I’ve seen my style go back to a certain minimalism, in a way that I try not to buy too many items, but mostly some that are easy to wear and wear over and over again without it catching too much attention, especially since I went back to university and my income was cut to the bare minimum.

Photo on 05-03-2016 at 15.38

For Christmas, I treated myself (Treat YO SELF) to the La Bohème Cluse watch with a rose gold frame and a grey leather strap that can go with everything I wear. The good thing about Cluse watches is that you can buy straps separately when you feel it is time for a change, and I thought that the idea of separate is smart, especially when I need to try and upgrade my look once I get a job in the fashion industry after my Masters. Working in fashion costs money people and I am just trying to sort myself out before I get to my goal.

Photo on 05-03-2016 at 11.23 #2

My nails are also painted in rose gold. My friend came over to watch the Oscars and brought theModels Own Colour Chrome Rose with her for a pampering session (which we didn’t end up having since my boyfriend Jonny ended up joining us, even though he was quite reluctant to do so in the beginning), and ended up forgetting it at my house, and you know what, I took advantage of that I’m ashamed to say! (no, no I’m not really). This nail polish is actually really good! It stayed on for 5 days and only chipped at the top on the sixth. I’m definitely going to buy one for myself!

Other things I’m showing off in this post are my earrings which I bought from Claire’s a while ago (the earrings in the link are just the studs without the dangly-bits) and my favourite possession: my Gucci glasses. My sweater is from the H&M Conscious collection.

▽ Style Inspiration

rose gold style.jpg

Adidas t-shirt – Rosé all day t-shirt from Missguided – Images on the right side taken from – Unreferenced images are  from Pinterest.

▽ Wishlist

rose gold insp.jpg

Find these items here:

Ralph & Russo (SPLURGE)SKAGENFrends Ela EarbudMaison MargielaDropbottleRose mirrored sunglassesEtsy: Daimblond (FAVE)Etsy: BelindaSavilleFrends headphones Layla

▽ P.S

Finally, please do not judge me on the quality of these pictures. I’m still trying to get Jonny to get comfortable with a camera, which he really is not, and in the meantime, I’m trying to sort myself out with PhotoBooth and my Samsung S4, which let’s face it are both terrible for good images.

Have a beautiful day!


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