#GucciGram Tian


Chen Ran

Gucci has unveiled the second rendition of #GucciGram collaborative digital art project.

#GucciGram is a collaboration with a collection of artists that are invited to utilise Gucci patterns in new concepts, stripping them back to their pure form.

It this #GucciGram edition, the print used is the new Tian pattern on which hummingbirds and butterflies float above flower blooms and tree branches. The print is very reminiscent of Chinese landscapes from 18th-century art. With that in mind, all the artists that were chosen for this collaboration are from Asia. All artwork will be shown in the Gucci Instagram account as well as here.

The print represents a “confluence of cultures” as creative barriers around the world that break down the era of the Internet. (Wonderland, 2016)

Collages have become quite the trend. Just look at the (might I overreact and say, AMAZING) viral @tasteofstreep Instagram account that has stolen our hearts and made it, once again, acceptable to spend hours with our noses stuck to our screens, and Gucci has seen the opportunity in embracing social media before, but this #GucciGram movement makes it palpable and it gives the brand this hipster artsy thing that the generation of today loves.

Also, think about it, relating this to Asia makes it even more in vogue as the number one destination for young people these days would without a doubt be Asia. The fascination with a culture that the western civilisation fails to comprehend has been taken advantage of by the brand to associate itself with the travelling twenty-something boho living in a council estate in London. And it does work! If you can’t afford it, then turn it into art and relate to it in your own way.

I’m really considering making my own. It might be super fun and what the hell, it might be good for me to try to make some art again. Stay tuned!


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