Dinu Bodiciu’s Couture hats

Dinu Bodiciu

Dinu Bodiciu

Dinu Bodiciu is a fashion and accessories designer based in London. Born in Romania, his first degree was in graphic design, and in 2011 he received a Master’s degree in Fashion Design and Technology from the prestigious London College of Fashion. His graduation collection is now shown at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

“His work focuses on explorations of the human body and its interaction with garments. He perceives garments as an extension of the body and is interested in its ‘organic’ nature.” (Not just a label, 2016)

 Here we take a look at his latest couture collection of headwear entitled Monsters of Id. The collection takes as a starting point the concept of the mirror stage in psychoanalysis, broadly defined as the moment when we become conscious of our own identity by discovering our reflection in the mirror.

The headwear goes through different stages of metamorphosis, from light, colourful pieces which are as light and pure as the first stages of self-discovery, unaltered by the society, politics and ethics. The more eerie pieces are the embodiment of darker thoughts and uncomfortable issues one has to face as they start questioning morals for personal advancement. Whether they fall into this hole is up to them, and leave the art up to interpretation.

“The limitation of physical existence restrains our expression and dictates the perception. If you want to find out more about what lays “deep down the rabbit hole” just close your eyes, cover your ears and slide in the abyss of imagination. The Monsters from the Id are there, and waiting.” (Not just a label, 2016)


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