Mini break: Cyprus in June


I landed in Cyprus on Sunday night and since then, I have been discovering a new way of living in the country that has given me so much since 2008.

My parents moved here in 2008 and had been living in the capital since. I lived there for a couple of years and made wonderful friends. A couple of months ago, they decided to move next to the beach in Limassol and this is the first time I’ve visited since. The house is absolutely wonderful, and I fell in love.

Limassol holds a lot of very fond memories for me. It’s the first place I ever visited in Cyprus before my parents moved to the country. It was the first place I travelled to with friends, the place where we came to have a wild night with my group of friends when I first moved here. The first hen do I ever organised was here too, and every time I drive next to the Luna Park on the tourist strip, I remember the time we decided to go on the ride after we got drunk on the beach. And now that my parents have moved here, I can appreciate how calm and relaxed the atmosphere can be.

I do find myself far away from my friends, though, who all still live in the capital. On Monday, I drove myself to see my best friend on her birthday. The drive is about 45 minutes and all my old CDs are still in my car. I put on my road trip CD and drove and sang. My girlfriends are the best, like #myfriendsarebetterthanyours proper! It was lovely to see the girls and we sat on my best friend’s balcony, had a few drinks and chain smoked like we always do, talking about life and catching up. She is also fostering a little dog, and already has a little doggy called Congo, so it was cuddle-central! We then ended the afternoon in a dog park surrounded by about 35 dogs.

I also spent a lot of time with my parents. They are my favourite people and I love and respect so much. They made me, and then made me who I am and every time I come over, I never want to leave them again. My dad and I drove down to the beach this morning for some chill time and Cypriot creams (organic and hand made) shopping. I also find that I wake up easily and early here! It’s so much nicer to wake up to a sunny day, than a rainy warm day in Manchester.

The best memories are made with the ones you love, and for that, Cyprus will always deliver.

  1. Glasses: Gucci
  2. Dress: ASOS Maxi Dress In Variegated Stripe Print, ASOS
  3. Earrings: ASOS Multi Pearl Swing Earrings, ASOS
  4. Bra: Wacoal Embrace Lace Contour Bra, Chantilly
  5. Sandals: Havaianas flip flops
  6. Ring: hand-made, Cyprus

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