Roksanda SS17 colour palette

For the past 2 months, I have been incredibly busy writing my dissertation. I have been offline, signed out of this blog and barely apparent on Twitter, busy like never before. Today, after handing in what I call “my heart-wrenching opus” and taking a week off from everything, I am back! And just in time before the end of fashion week.

Today, my first instinct was to sign in to WGSN and take a look. The need to see everything was strong this morning, and I enjoyed every bit over a good filter coffee cup and morning cigarette. I was ecstatic and in my element again.

In this post, I have picked out my favourite looks from Roksanda, or rather, the looks that show the most of the colour palette used. I interned at Roksanda back in 2013, and I discovered her recognisable style by working in her studio in London. The collection has a strong ethos, and looking at it, I instantly knew it was Roksanda’s.

The red colour shown below is very prominent in her collections, and pairing it with the others reveals a very sophisticated palette, one that mixes light pink, terracotta, gold, red, purples and a dark grey. This palette resonated with me, as I found it beautiful, cohesive and versatile all at the same time.

Colour-blocking was always a big part of Roksanda’s process, and she didn’t disappoint with the idea of adding whimsical prints to the mix. I would wear every one of these looks without thinking twice about the amount of colour in the outfits, as I believe the mixing has been done to perfection.

roksanda ss17 colour palette.jpg



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