Hi, I’m Cynthia. I’m an anxious, stressed out, loving, type C personality. I’m scared of dying without living the life I want, I’m tired of the life I have and the thoughts in my head.

I am a yoga teacher in training and I feel like I have found what truly makes me happy. I am never calmer than during a yoga session and never wiser than after one.

I am also a Reiki Level 2 practitioner, an Ayurveda enthusiast but absolutely terrible at eating well. I’ve just stopped smoking, I am on a hiatus from drinking and I want to love myself every single day.

So quick time update:

  • Lebanese born and raised
  • Based in Manchester, UK
  • Humble, grateful but ridiculous
  • On a path to self-discovery
  • Trying so hard to be a better person every day
  • Much funnier in French

Nice to meet you.

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